Discover your WILDSIDE on a YETI SNOWBIKE!

2017 YETI SNOWMX KITS 120 : 129 : 137

Following a very successful 2016 season, the new 2017 YETI SNOWBIKE has been enhanced to push your riding experience to higher level. The multiple features and upgrades added to the conversion kits are the result of your most valuable feedback and suggestions. These enhancements includes titanium drive shaft, suspension cross shafts and upper rear shaft which increases enormously the YETI reliability.


For your peace of mind we upgraded our deflector with a stronger and thicker material improving the impermeability and durability of the YETI's heart...the SYNCRODRIVE. We also installed a wider 28mm belt increasing strength by 35%. New Raptor coil over shocks combined with the optional RRS; allowing 22" of suspension travel was chosen for maximizing your ridding comfort.


For 2017 we are introducing MAXTRAX II, improved design in order to again reduce weight while ensuring great flotation and snow displacement. The YETI aesthetics goes one more notch with matching inlaid graphics under clear coat, over our new carbon chassis. Make 2017 winter to remember, ride YETI SNOWBIKE!





YETI SMX 120 is for nimble fun, ditch banging, and the ultimate in lightweight rippin'!  Suggested for more aggressive riders who like to leave their mark wherever they ride. When you on the throttle you’re going to get there.
Wt: 90lbs

Overall Length: 66" - Overall Height: 20"





YETI SMX 129 for an extra row of paddles on the ground, keeping it nimble while giving you lightweight awesome climbing power. Best of all around riding home and mountains. Laying down the power smooth and simple, taking you to the top.
Wt: 95lbs

Overall Length: 69" - Overall Height: 20"





YETI SMX 137 for effortless mountain cruising in all snow conditions, but favoring the deep, deeper tree riding, and high horsepower turbo big hill climbing. Sit down relax and take a look around you will get there without breaking a sweat, even while breaking trail.
Wt: 100lbs

Overall Length: 73 - Overall Height: 20"

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